blog06: Ansible!

This past week was mostly be playing around with Ansible. I’ve been tasked with orchestrating new hardware, and tinkering with database values to squeeze out speed. Ansible seemed like a nice tool for this task: it was easy to get started (after learning a few terms). After using it for a few days, it seems […]

blog05/bugfix: Sugar’s Physics Activity

As we started exploring the Sugar learning environment in class, I popped open the Physics activity, and got to drawing as many shapes, as fast as possible. It was lovely seeing little rectangles and dots flying down the screen and bouncing into each other. But, of course, I was curious what it’d do in edge […]

blog04/litreview2: Eghbal and npm

I remember taking Mechanics of Programming in my second semester of RIT. When looking at compiled C code, our instructor asserted: the compiler is smarter than me. I am not, by any means, smarter than it. We stand on the shoulders of giants: tons of research, optimization, and formalization went into building these toolchains. I […]

blog03 – fun things with Git

As we were covering Git concepts in class, it reminded me of a mishap I dealt with not too long ago: a project I was working with had private keys committed to it! Thankfully this was not a public facing project, or a project many people were working on. However, those keys required removal from […]

I’m not on my phone much anymore.

There are plenty of blog posts already, discussing the toxic effects of social media and electronic communication integrating themselves in our lives. But, meh, I’m gonna talk about it anyway. I write for myself. I hope so, at least. Otherwise, I’m disappointing someone or some group of people out there. Social media Blogging is shouting […]