meetup2/blog10: FP talk for RITLug

The current theme of RITLug talks is programming languages. My specialty. This talk was a little more impromptu, so no slide deck to link to. However, I went over a handful of functional programming techniques, mostly exemplified through Haskell. This meeting was at the same time as the start of Datafest. So I kept it […]

meetup1: ZFS talk for RITLug

Just before spring break, I gave a talk at RITlug on the best filesystem in the history of filesystems: ZFS. While that might be an opinion, it’s certainly cool, and worth talking about! There’s a lot ZFS can do, and a reason it’s sweeping server environments. I covered the history of ZFS, the features it […]

blog09/commarchreport: Krita

KDE has been going strong for more than 20 years: it was no surprise their development practices were so fluid. Even so, there were a few surprising things in our analysis. You can find the full report at our Github repo: Author Knowledge Running Git by a Bus v2 showed that two main contributors […]


1) Please expand each of the following acronyms (1 pt each): 1.1) IRC: Internet Relay Chat1.2) FOSS: Free and Open Source Software1.3) OLPC: One Laptop Per Child1.4) PR: Pull Request (Please use the expansion most appropriate to the class.) Bonus: Give the expansion for the acronym GNU. (1 pt) GNU’s Not Unix 2) What is the name […]

teamproposal: Analysis of Krita

Our team has decided to analyze Krita, an image manipulation tool for Linux. Krita handles raster (and recently vector) graphics, and targets digital artists in the tools it provides. This program falls under the (large) umbrella of the KDE project. Krita’s source is hosted on the KDE Project’s Phabricator server. Our team will consist of: […]

blog07: RSS and selfoss

About a year ago, I realized just how sick I was of social media-esque news aggregators. By that I mean Reddit and Hackernews. They were huge timewasters, and their navigation style was a pain. I see news reading as a linear, email-style task: view the articles in front of me, read or discard them, and […]