Please select the most appropriate span of time for each of the following [4pts in total]: 1) The Bayh-Dole Act was passed, which gave rise to university technology transfer offices; the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation were founded; the US acceded to the international Berne Convention on copyrights; software was explicitly covered by US […]

blog12/meetup3: Spacemacs

This past week at RITLug, I give a quick overview of my favorite editor and customizations. Of course, I can’t imagine a text editor that doesn’t include a Tetris clone, a psychotherapist, or a Tower of Hanoi player. I’m talking about Emacs of course: undoubtedly, the most feature-rich text editor in existence. But, also, one […]

blog11: Python tooling

Oh dear. I love Python. It’s wonderful for prototyping, and it simplifies much of high-level programming. There’s a package for everything, from data science to graphics to Chromecast communication. But I’d be lying if I said it was perfect: everything from Python 2.7 hell, to the GIL, to poor performance. And, of course, tooling. Tooling […]

finalproposal: Frasteroid

For our final project, we’ve decided to build a fraction game in the “learn to type” style. I remember playing typing games in 3rd-4th grade. Words (or some combination of letters) would appear on incoming objects, and you’d have to type that combination to destroy them before they hit you, crossed a line, etc. The […]