Our team has decided to analyze Krita, an image manipulation tool for Linux. Krita handles raster (and recently vector) graphics, and targets digital artists in the tools it provides. This program falls under the (large) umbrella of the KDE project.

Krita’s source is hosted on the KDE Project’s Phabricator server.

Our team will consist of:

  • Josh (me)
    • IRC: jibby
    • email: jhb2345<at>rit<dot>edu
    • role: Communication and Structure
  • Derek
    • IRC: GreenGazebo
    • email: dje4179<at>rit<dot>edu
    • role: Documentation and Licensing
  • Geo
    • IRC: pyrophone
    • email: ga9494<at>rit<dot>edu
    • role: Coding and Contribution

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