Us Vs. Them

If you’re continuously posting, discussing or following anything political on social media, particularly this past week, I need to ask you to do something: please be careful of what you post, share, or say. Not because any one side is too fragile or ignorant to handle the truth, but because “the other party is too […]


Off and on over the past month, I’ve set up astronautlevel2’s BootNTR fork, imthe666st’s NTRClient fork (a debugging tool for NTR), and have played around with reading and writing to the HID Shared Memory of the 3DS. The results have been… underwhelming. The entire “plugin” for NTR is an object module (in the general case, […]

L=A, How I Miss You So

Nintendo semi-recently released Generation 1 Pokemon games on the 3DS through the eShop, and they’ve been a hit. The implementation of the Game Boy’s link cable via 3ds wireless in Virtual Console meant you could relive the battles and trades of the original systems. More recently, the 3ds hacking community worked to pull together the […]