Every top Facebook comment I’ve seen on Net Neutrality articles has been against it. That disappoints me.

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Net Neutrality is:

  • The thing that lets Netflix load as fast as Google, because data is treated equally
  • The thing that lets you host comcast-should-die-a-fiery-death.com, and, despite Comcast reaaallly not wanting to let users connect to that, is forced to allow users to do so
  • How you can retrieve any sort of politically-leaning media through the Internet, without your Internet Service Provider censoring or throttling it

Net Neutrality is not:

  • a political debate
  • something you should be against because big tech companies are for it
  • giving the government unnecessary control

That last “not” is a big one if you’re for a smaller government. But bear with me: let’s think about what kind of good/service Internet access is. The Internet is one giant, interconnected system: I don’t access a different Google than you do, even if we’re getting Internet access through different providers. That’s because data flows through many of these providers to each its destination. When you request a page on a Comcast internet connection, it may go through some of Verizon’s routers on it’s way to reaching you. You’re paying Comcast for the “endpoint”. When you request a page from Google, or Facebook, or Fox News, or CNN, you are legally guaranteed, by the laws in place regarding Net Neutrality, that no matter the size or content of that data, whoever touches that data will treat it as equally as any other data. It will not go through a slower lane, be purposely lost, or restricted in any way because of its content. This is a case where a “hands off approach” couldn’t be worse for smaller businesses. A new Internet Service Provider would be doomed without Net Neutrality: larger providers could simply not transmit data in or out of their networks related to the small company.

If you enjoy having a beautiful form of freedom of speech at your fingertips, please, tell the FCC how you feel.

It’s just a shame we have to beg the government to protect our rights.