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Moving this blog to Astro

Posted on:February 19, 2023
1 minute read

As the homepage now happily announces, this blog is powered by Astro 2.0, an extensible framework for site building.

First-class support for React & Tailwind sold me, & its SSR plugins made Cloudflare pages deployment trivial. If you have a favorite UI framework or SSR service, chances are it’s a supported plugin.

I really appreciate the React support for development, even when I’m only building a static site. Development is anything but static, & immediately seeing real-time content changes makes prototyping & debugging a breeze.

So far templates have been hit or miss, but easy enough to remedy, & I expect some bumpy edges with a month-old major version release. For example, AstroPaper’s Open Graph image generator (Satori) requires a newer ES runtime than Cloudflare Pages can support.